Al: Why Mr. Tucker, the whole point was to pass the assessment to continue your way of life, but now your family is gone. What life is left?

Tucker: That’s the funny thing, I didn’t have a reason. I fully understood no matter what I did my life would be ruined. I could either do it with the science or without, and so I choose science to see if I could.

Ed: What kind of man…

Tucker: When you have the power to do something it’s hard not to try, isn’t that what we agreed on, Ed? Aren’t we so much alike? Sure, part of me did it for respect and this house, just as you partly did it for your Mother, but there’s more. You’re desperate to put your mind to use, Ed. To see what you’re capable of, to put the world under your fingers. That’s the essence of alchemy. You did it for knowledge. Control. Above all, You did it just to prove you can.